The hairbrush

A little bigger brush than Samuel uses...

A word on hairbrushes:

Here is what I wrote first on this subject, when Samuel asked me to:
Just say no! I hate that hairbrush. He makes me keep it in my purse. As a reminder, he says. I hate that hairbrush.

Here is what I wrote after a little reflection … and a couple of threats to see it in action:
As far as implements are concerned, the hairbrush, or any wooden implement,┬áis among my least favorite toys in Samuel’s vast arsenal. When he tells me to go get the hairbrush, I feel pure concentrated dread. A little goes a long way with a hairbrush. This glaringly obvious fact seems to escape many an HoH. And while they think they may be “taking it easy on you,” just its very use is a notch up on the disciplinary rung among implements. Wood is unforgiving: the sting seems to last longer; the bite is more cutting.

Thankfully, it’s not used on me casually or often. When it is, it is a very effective “bad behavior” deterrent. I’d rather be spanked with anything else … and Samuel knows it.

Samuel insists that I keep it in my purse at all times. A rather cumbersome obligation, since it is large and heavy and awkward to fumble around when trying to locate smaller objects, such as my keys. We had discussed me having permission to remove it, since we were seldom using it. Samuel did let me take it out for a while several months ago, but something happened — neither of us remembers the details — and now it is back in its hated place.

There is something unique about the hairbrush in that, unlike many other implements, most people would not suspect the various possible ways it can be used. This is not the case, for example, with paddles or a tawse or a strap. In this respect, the hairbrush is like the belt: It’s always nearby, and looks quite innocent, but … there it is, lurking in the dark recesses of my purse, hoping for the opportunity to be applied to more than my head!


About Samuel and Tonna Elary

We are a new Christian Domestic Discipline couple sharing our experiences. God bless!
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6 Responses to The hairbrush

  1. Susie says:

    I have one in my purse too Tonna. It’s not big, but it’s just THERE. Don’t like it one bit.

  2. kitty6 says:

    You are showing great disregard for your husband. He knows what is best for you. Your feelings are not important.

  3. Mamie Romanowski says:

    Her feelings aren’t important? I’m sorry, but I think that in a relationship that both the woman and the man should support each other. You see, this is what irks me about domestic discipline. One has to depend on the other to punish them, and most of the time it’s the man. It’s just so sad knowing that it all can turn into abuse at some point. This girl, I believe Tonna is her name, should watch out for if things go out of hand, because her feelings really are important. If Samuel takes it too far, I hope she breaks the relationship immediately. I don’t say “when” because he probably won’t. But, as a girl myself, I would personally keep a close eye on him. Girls are more than things God put on Earth just to please men. God created woman because women would be a good balance to men. As far as I know, the feelings of all God’s creations are important. If only everyone could realize that. Then our world would be at peace.

  4. Rob says:

    Mamie, I believe you are missing the overall point of the CDD relationship. It is not about superiority, but about love and cherish. To love someone so much as Christ loved the church, is to want them to be as pure as the church. That is the way the HoH feels about his wife. Discipline is a matter of accepted support to refocus on what was not right and should be for the family, the relationship and their relationship with Christ. It is no way about abuse if practices, accepted and trusted in this way.

  5. black says:

    Her feelings are not important? I hope you just said this crap to tease her….

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